About us

Kolkata 4.0 Foundation is a not-for-profit initiative with a vision to create a networking platform for Positive Thinking on Kolkata, geared towards exchange and connection of competence and ideas for the emerging economy and how Kolkata can leapfrog on these opportunities.
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Main Objectives

Platform for professionals living outside Kolkata but having an active interest to contribute to the future of the city and its knowledge and economic eco-system with any or combination of the following:

global studies

Academically contribute to local institutions for better exposure of city youth towards global trends, and mentor local students for higher studies in global platform

mentoring support

Provide angel funding & mentoring support to local start-ups in emerging areas

Set up / expand

Set up / expand own ventures in Kolkata in knowledge driven areas

global networking

Organize roadshows in different global cities to facilitate networking with the global community having interest in engaging with Kolkata


Organize conferences in Kolkata for engagement of City youth with ideas of tomorrow

global identity

Provide thought leadership to Government about how Kolkata can move towards a sustainable global identity utilizing its core strengths

A full service secretariat is in place in Kolkata at Salt Lake, Sector V to provide all networking support to the platform.

Active Chapters



Tridibesh Bandyopadhyay 

Kalyan Kar 

Bhavna Chattopadhyay 


Sauvik Banerjjee  


Supriyo Chaudhuri  


Partha S Ghosh  
Website: www.thebostonpledge.org
Website: www.parthaghosh.com

Key members & advisors

Tridibesh Bandyopadhyay

PGDM from Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta and recipient of 'SmithKline Beecham Award' for Excellence in Marketing

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Kalyan Kar

Chartered and Cost Accountant by profession, Kalyan is the Former MD of Acclaris India, Chairman of the National Education, HR & Skill

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Supriyo Chaudhuri

Supriyo has 25 years Entrepreneurial experience in Global Education industry...

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Partha S Ghosh

Partha S. Ghosh, based in Boston, is a renowned strategist and an innovator of Business and Economic models - Mr. Ghosh holds B. Tech from IIT Kharagpur

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Sauvik Banerjjee

Sauvik Banerjjee is a technologist and Vice President- Tata Industries- Digital Initiatives, Advisory to Group Co's and CTO of TataCLiQ by profession.

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Sandipan Chattopadhyay

B.Stat. from ISI, Calcutta and an MBA from IIM, Calcutta, Sandipan is Xelpmoc's Founder & CEO, Prior to this, he was the

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